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Some background

My love of plants started when we rented our first place in London. We didn't have the money to buy plants so we allowed 'weeds' to grow and then observed if they flowered, how they behaved and, crucially, if bees utilised them.

My interest in pollinators came before plants and so I always thank them for that.

I grew up in Wales where I originally trained as a Biologist. After nearly six years of conservation-based field projects abroad with sea turtles, I decided to return to the UK and find terrestrial work.

My actual horticultural life began in the South London whilst volunteering at the Eden Community Garden (now Eden Nature Garden).

My hobby and desire to grow 'plants for bees' had become a full blown obsession (and new career).

Plants, I realised, were the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  I was very fortunate in forming a working partnership with an exceptional London gardener (Stephen Barney) and he taught me a huge amount.

Both being interested in ecology and ensuring the work would be rewarding, done correctly, and aesthetically acceptable, we would turn work down if it were ecologically impactful or if the end product would fall short of the highest standards. 

I have been the Head Gardener in the Eden Nature Garden since 2015 and I have also been working with a range of private clients since then also. 

Over the past few years, I have undertaken planting roles for the RHS at their Hampton Court Flower Show, and, most recently, I have been fortunate enough to have spent time helping a renowned garden maintenance team working in some of the world-famous temples of Kyoto, Japan.

My professional garden business is small and hands-on -  often only me; occasionally an assistant or two -  and often collaborate with other gardeners and garden designers when suitable projects arise.
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