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Camden project: Autumn 2020 - present

A very exciting project with clients who are incredibly invested and keen to be experimental.

The project, which has involved some substantial hard landscaping work and some large areas of new planting, has already moved on greatly.

The landscaping and building work which included new paths, patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchen was done by Hornbeam Gardens (Ollie Fitchey). The new planting has been a combined effort with Ollie and myself.

A large portion of the plants were from Leahurst Nurseries and Joseph Rochfords.

The project will continue to evolve at pace over the coming years. 

Planting-wise, the garden is packed full of interesting plants - a bed full of unusual Umbellifers, ornamental grasses and Dahlias; another area of Tree Ferns, underplanted with Anemonopsis, Aconitum, Luzula nivea, various Thalictrums, Tetrapanax; pond planting; and a new lawn area (replacing an old patio)  which will be encouraged to fill with flowering lawn plants, such as clovers, self-heal, buttercups, daisies etc.

Excitingly, the garden is also home to Common Frogs and Smooth Newts which we hope will continue to spawn in the newly restored pond.

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