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Hilldrop, Essex: Sept 2021 - Present

I am extremely fortunate in being able to help John Little and Fiona Crummay with their incredible garden in Essex.

John and Fiona have designed and built the garden themselves over the past 30 years; turning an empty field into a dynamic and thriving space, packed with plants and habitat, which people come from far-and-wide to visit.

The garden has become famous in many ways - one of which is the re-use of construction waste and "Brownfield gardening", in order to boost biodiversity through habitat creation and creating favourable conditions for flowering plants. The results are spectacular. 

I am just an extra pair of hands here and I cannot  take credit for the amazing work done in the garden.

It's a place where, in a short period of time, I have learnt a great deal, largely from the knowledge and generosity of John and Fiona.

I also garden here with Sophie Cook who is a fine person to learn from and garden with.

The garden is open to the public with the National Garden Scheme in July each year. (2022: Sunday July 10th)

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